Media & Research Inquiries

Journalists, data editors, or media graphics artists

We do not provide interviews but for background information or data requests please do email us with specific questions and/or requests (and your deadline). Within reason, we will accommodate you as best we can. In exchange, we request that following publication of your story and/or of use of our data, you email us an unrestricted (paywall/ad-free/signup-free) link to your story or PDF with your story. If we cannot freely read your reporting, we may decline to assist you.


Bona fide scholarly researchers, please contact us regarding data or related requests and please download, sign, and return with your inquiry our Confidentiality, One-Time Use, and Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement here. If you use our data or other information, we request formal acknowledgment in working papers, presentations, and/or publications as well as a PDF copy of any of your work(s) that makes use of our data or other information we provide.


In all cases, if we choose to make our data available to you, permission is on a one-time basis only and solely for the requested purpose. Our data are proprietary, and no other or additional use—including but not limited to commercial, financial, media, public policy, research or any other purpose—is permitted without the explicit prior, written consent of SAAF. In particular, the SAAF-adjusted U.S. firearms sales data are the intellectual property of Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting.