6 – US ammunition price indices (as of June 2021)



US ammunition price indices at the domestic producer level as from January 1950 (through June 2021) and at the port of import level (landed duty-paid value) as from January 1990 (through March 2021). The domestic producer data include producers for the military and nonmilitary markets (long-guns and handguns), for all small arms ammunition calibers. The import data are only those declared as nonmilitary pistol and revolver ammunition (not long-guns) and are split into two data series, one for .22 caliber ammunition, the other for everything else. These are NOT wholesale or retail-level price indices. This is a new data product from Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting, for now available only as a one-time purchase download. Format=xlsx file. Download limit=1. After purchase payment, customers must download the file within 7 days’ time.