Our Principals

Jurgen Brauer, Ron L’Esperance, Corinne MacLellan, and Thomas McGuire

Jurgen Brauer, Ph.D.

Chief Economist

Based in the United States, Jurgen Brauer is a retired business school professor of economics and author of numerous highly-placed scholarly books and articles on the business and economics of the defense, peace, and security sectors. A native of Berlin, Germany, he has held academic appointments in Australia, Colombia, South Africa, Spain, and Thailand. His consulting clients have included international organizations, national governments and their agencies, and national and international nonprofits, and his work has been reported on in major national and international media as well in the shooting industry media. Cofounder of Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF), he is married with three children and enjoys, in private life, motorcycle touring, mountain hiking, and underwater photography.

Ron L’Esperance

Chief of Policy and Strategy

A former long-serving deputy minister and senior government official, Ron brings a unique perspective to SAAF. With extensive international experience, including representing Canada at the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, Ron is also a former principal in a leading international aerospace and defense consultancy. He worked extensively with governments and industry clients and their associations in areas such as procurement, industrial offsets, policy and legislative development, and applications to economic and business development. He attended many noteworthy global events associated with the A&D sector such as the Paris and Farnborough airshows and Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) in London, England. He is married with four children and, in private life, enjoys hiking, sailing, and extensive travels.

Corinne MacLellan

Chief Communications Officer

A well-experienced communications specialist, with particular expertise in social media strategy, Corinne has worked in the past with a variety of public, private, and civil society sector clients around the world. For example, she worked with the Confederation of Indian Industry to heighten public awareness around environmental security issues and she has managed international trade and media tours to locations such as Belgium and the United Kingdom. Recently, she coordinated an international press trip for foreign media during the Remembrance Day/WW I commemorative coverage period in Canada. Corinne serves on the Board of Governors, and is Chair of Communications, of an Army Museum at an 18th century fortress.

Thomas McGuire

Chief Executive Officer

In addition to his CEO role, Tom works at SAAF on data analytics and research advancement. His project work has included assignments in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Throughout his career, Tom has worked on projects in aerospace, defense, and the small arms sector, as well as on literally hundreds of economic development projects. His skill set includes qualitative and quantitative evidence-based research, economic analysis, supply chain mapping, public sector program analysis and evaluation, and socio-economic impact studies. Married, with four children, his volunteer work includes projects supporting persons with disabilities and project work for indigenous communities.